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Changzhou ROVMAKER Technology CO.,Ltd.

Founded in China in 2016, the core research and development team of ROVMAKER has decades of relevant research and development experience in underwater robots and product design, and is the provider and navigator of underwater robot solutions.

ROVMAKER has more than 2,000 companies and universities customers and offers a large amount of hardware products, underwater robots and spare parts.

In China, We were the first to advocate for the underwater robot maker movement. Specifically, we maintain the largest underwater robots online community in China, creating a free, open and creative communication space that provides a full range of software and hardware support for professional applications and consumer entertainment. It is committed to making it easier for ROV to design and manufacture. We believes that technology can truly change the relationship between humans and the ocean, we are passionate about exploring the ocean and the development of the underwater industry.

ROVMAKER has always provided users with efficient, reliable and high-performance underwater related products and services through continuous technical research and development.

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