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It was on the year of 2015, when Leo has finished his own project for the Ocean University of China. When recalling the process, he wants to optimize the process better, which makes us take into account the parts simultaneously. Overseas procurement can be easier, and we can easier explore the underwater water. 

Since then we set up the brand ROVMAKER.



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Bulk goods are be transported by sea at a low cost usually.

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We have cooperation with fast express like DHL and UPS.

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We have a 3rd-party QC to guarantee the quality.


Our materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable.


Our materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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We support any form of OEM customization requirements

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Contact us 24×7 to solve all your after-sales problems.

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ROVMAKER, who is making a combination of underwater technology with scientific research and education practice:

An enterprise – authorized by the government as a high-tech company.

A group – with its own copyrights and different kinds of patents.

A factory – with 60% market shares in the Chinese ROV equipment field.

A company – with complete departments including R&D, Technical, and After Sales.

An organization – with two subsidiaries. One specializes in ROV accessories, the other is mainly for ROV solutions.

ROVMAKER, everything under the water!