Blue ROV2 vs ROVMAKER Edge


Product Introduction

ROVMAKER Edge – Your Best Choice

ROVMAKER Edge is an open-source underwater robot with a compact design and powerful features. Its main applications include education, exploration, and more, only limited by your imagination. Moreover, its compact design and excellent performance make it the first choice for many users.

Blue ROV 2

Blue ROV 2 is an underwater robot from Blue Robotics, known for its fine design and powerful performance. However, when compared with ROVMAKER Edge, you will find that ROVMAKER Edge has unique advantages in many aspects.

Detailed Comparison

Although ROVMAKER Edge and Blue ROV 2 have some similarities in appearance, they are completely different in many key aspects.

Size and Design

The size of ROVMAKER Edge is smaller, especially the projection area of the propeller is only about 60% of Blue ROV 2. This makes ROVMAKER Edge more flexible and easier to operate. In addition, the electronic speed controller (ESC) of ROVMAKER Edge is located inside the propeller, which frees up space for the pipeline and makes the overall design more compact. These clever design elements make ROVMAKER Edge more convenient in actual use and more adaptable to various environments.

Performance and Features

Both ROVMAKER Edge and Blue ROV 2 use Ardusub, but everything else is completely different. This means that although the two have some similarities in functions, ROVMAKER Edge has its unique advantages in performance and features. Whether in deep-sea exploration or educational applications, ROVMAKER Edge can provide excellent performance and a stable operating experience.

User Feedback

Many users have highly praised the performance and design of ROVMAKER Edge. They believe that although ROVMAKER Edge is similar in design to Blue ROV 2, ROVMAKER Edge is superior in terms of refinement and design. The feedback from these users fully proves the excellent performance and applicability of ROVMAKER Edge.


In general, ROVMAKER Edge is a high-performance, compactly designed underwater robot. Whether you are looking for a device suitable for educational applications or a robot capable of deep-sea exploration, ROVMAKER Edge is your ideal choice. Its compact design, excellent performance, and user-friendly operating experience all make it surpass Blue ROV 2 in many key aspects. We encourage you to try ROVMAKER Edge, and experience its excellent performance and design personally, and we believe you will find it to be your best choice.

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