Which ESC Is Better – Self Starting Or Not


ROVMAKER Center found that quite a lot of customers choose to buy self-starting ESC to control the motor, and we were also asked questions like which is better between ordinary two-way brushless ESCs and self-starting ESCs. We feel that it is necessary to make a brief clarification of the two to help our friends choose the right ESC.

ESC is also known as an electronic speed controller. As its name implies, speed regulation is a significant function of ESC. When we are equipped with a motor tester, we can adjust the running speed of the corresponding motor. Most of the two-way brushless ESC have the function of start-up protection to prevent the motor from rotating at high speed as soon as it is powered on. We have to first adjust the throttle to the lowest level for initialization, instead of directly giving the PWM signal after power-on to make the motor rotate. This initialization setting may be a little complicated or inconvenient for customers who are new to brushless ESCs.

ROVMAKER will put an example of initializing the settings for everyone, if there are any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Self-starting ESCs, it should not be called electronic speed control in technical. Because it doesn’t have a signal wire, it can’t adjust the speed of the motor. As long as the battery is connected, the motor will start at full speed. This brushless controller can be applied to some equipment that does not need speed regulation.

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